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Series: Everest Roadside Essentials 
C1056 2"x13'/Tow/7000lbs Yellow Snap hook
C1058 2"x20'/Tow/12000lbs Yellow Snap Hook
C1059 2"x25'/Tow/12000lbs Yellow Snap Hook
C1061 2"x15'/Tow/10000lbs Yellow Snap Hook
C1062 2"x30'/Tow/10000lbs Yellow Snap Hook

Color:   yellow 


  • Whether you are in the towing business or off-roading. Recovery & Tow Straps are an essential piece of equipment for emergency situations.
  • Never feel completely "Stuck" again with Everest Recovery & Tow Straps by your side. 


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Width: 2",3"
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